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Solar Energy Opportunities with RACER

At least 20 solar projects are installed on capped landfills in the U.S., with many more planned for the future, according to the U.S. EPA’s Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response. RACER Trust’s inventory of industrial properties includes 15* closed and capped landfills or other industrial parcels that may potentially be suitable for reuse for large-scale solar project development. RACER has created a model solar project development ground lease agreement, which can be downloaded by clicking here or on the link titled Download Model Lease Agreement for Solar Generator Site on the left side of this page.

*14-acre portion of former Massena Powertrain Plant expected to be segregated as capped landfill in 2016.

Several online resources provide data and research tools, as well as descriptions of various Federal and State incentives for solar energy providers.

Perhaps the most comprehensive of these resources is the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE), an information clearinghouse operated and funded by the N.C. Solar Center at North Carolina State University. The website includes a glossary, links to numerous helpful third-party sources, and FAQs.

The following links will take you to various other solar energy resources, incentives and programs offered by the Federal and State governments and NGOs:


U.S. Department of Energy
American Council on Renewable Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Solar Energy Industries Association


Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation
Illinois Commerce Commission
Illinois Energy Office
Illinois Finance Authority (Energy)
Illinois State University Center for Renewable Energy
DSIRE Database-Illinois


Indiana Office of Energy Development
Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission
DSIRE Database-Indiana


Massachusetts Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
DSIRE Database-Massachusetts


Michigan Energy
Michigan Public Service Commission
DSIRE Database-Michigan

New York

New York Department of Environmental Conservation
New York State Energy Research & Development Authority
Public Service Commission
DSIRE Database-New York


Ohio Air Quality Development Authority
Ohio Development Services Agency
The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
DSIRE Database-Ohio

Name, Address Acres 1234 Property Details Map Marketing Brochure
Danville Landfill Land
Interstate 74 at G Street, Danville, IL
72 1320 Details Map Marketing Brochure
Allison Gas Turbine Landfill Land
2701 West Raymond Street, Indianapolis, IN
10   Details Map Marketing Brochure
Framingham Landfill Land
62 Western Avenue, Framingham, MA
29   Details  Map Marketing Brochure
Coldwater Road Landfill Land
1245 East Coldwater Road, Genesee Township, MI
118   Details  Map Marketing Brochure
Greenpoint Landfill Land
3300 Salt Road, Saginaw, MI
170.41   Details Map Marketing Brochure
Linden Road Landfill Land
1200 Linden Road, Flint, MI
28.42   Details Map Marketing Brochure
Saginaw Plant 2 Landfill Land
79 West Center Street, Saginaw, MI
3.7   Details Map Marketing Brochure
Van Buren Landfill Land
Michigan Avenue & Ecorse Road, Van Buren, MI
68   Details Map Marketing Brochure
Tonawanda Landfill Land
2520 Kenmore Avenue, Tonawanda, NY
13.5   Details Map Marketing Brochure
Elyria Landfill Land
1400 Lowell Street, Elyria, OH
95.2   Details Map Marketing Brochure
Toledo Landfill Land
1455 West Alexis Road, Toledo, OH
34.12   Details Map Marketing Brochure
Massena Powertrain Plant*
56 Chevrolet Road, Massena, NY
14   Details Map Marketing Brochure 
*14-acre portion of former Massena Powertrain Plant expected to be segregated as capped landfill in 2016.
Name, Address Acres 1234 Property Details Map Marketing Brochure
Kokomo Industrial Land
1723 North Washington Street, Kokomo, IN
10.67 Details Map Marketing Brochure
Hemphill Industrial Land
E. Hemphill& S. Saginaw Roads, Burton, MI
8 Details Map Marketing Brochure
Davison Road Industrial Land
Intersection of Davison Road & Donegal Street, Burton, MI
56 Details Map Marketing Brochure
Pontiac North Campus Industrial Land
220 East Columbia, Pontiac, MI
45 Details Map
Saginaw Malleable Industrial Land
77 West Center Street, Saginaw, MI
154 Details Map Marketing Brochure
Bay City Powertrain Industrial Land
1001 Woodside Avenue, Bay City, MI
9.8 Details Map Marketing Brochure
Hyatt Hills Golf Complex
1300 Raritan Road, Clark & Cranford Townships, NJ
87.84 Details Map Marketing Brochure
Salina Industrial PowerPark
1 General Motors Circle, Syracuse, NY
69 Details Map Marketing Brochure