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Working with RACER: How Others See Us

"We sincerely appreciate the RACER Trust's commitment to work closely with state and local leaders seeking to secure the best possible future for the GM-Shreveport facility. In particular, we value RACER Trust's stated principle of prioritizing job retention and creation in evaluating potential options for the future of the facility, as well as their willingness to explore novel financing approaches that could result in a better long-term business solution for the facility."

"The RACER Trust is proving to be an able, creative and strategic partner in Michigan's economic development efforts. Our collaboration has been aided by the unique skills they bring: creative financial approaches, a deep expertise in brownfield redevelopment issues and a willing responsiveness by the RACER Trust team to work with ours. In tandem, the RACER Trust and MEDC can offer prospective developers broad capabilities to transform properties to meet an array of potential new uses."

"It has been a real pleasure working with the RACER Trust. From the very beginning, the Trust has been very communicative and cooperative. They have sought to make sure the six prerequisites for redevelopment of the GM site were met. I commend the Trust, and especially Bruce Rasher, for their strong commitment for working to benefit the local community."

"From the very beginning, the RACER Trust has been in constant communication with our community and our Economic Development Director regarding our Spotsylvania County property. RACER has collaborated with our staff in seeking community input for future uses, and has demonstrated its desire to bring jobs into our community. Their sincere desire to rebuild this area of our community is evident in our interaction with them. We have a high degree of confidence that, together, we will achieve our common goal."

"The RACER Trust's aggressive marketing of their Flint properties has sparked new hope in our community that our brownfields will spring to life again with jobs and investment. The RACER Trust has gone above and beyond in our community to communicate with residents and engage with leaders to make sure their ongoing efforts are in alignment with our local concerns and regional strategies. Without the RACER Trust, these abandoned auto sites would stay in deep freeze because it requires a comprehensive legal, environmental, and redevelopment approach to be successful with brownfields, and most individual businesses are simply not up to the tasks."